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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear for my lesson? – All riders must wear riding breeches, riding boots with a heel, and an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet. Riding gloves are optional. Long hair should be tied back. Helmets are available to borrow for first-time riders, though purchasing your own helmet that is professionally fitted is strongly recommended. Please contact us for assistance if you are not sure what or where to purchase. 

Participants in the Tiny Tots leadline class are permitted to wear long pants such as jeans or exercise pants instead of breeches.

Parents who wish to approach the horses, assist with grooming/saddling, or be in the barn area with their child must also wear closed toe, hard top boots. This is for your safety!

What should I bring to my lesson? – Please bring your signed release form for your first lesson, water, helmet and other riding gear.

What payment forms do you accept? - We accept check, cash, Zelle, Venmo, or Cash-App.

How often should I ride? – Horseback riding is a skill and art that takes years to master. Like any sport, practice is key. Ideally, you should take a lesson at least once a week. Students interested in showing take lessons twice or more per week.

What is “tacking up”? – “Tacking up” is the process of getting a horse saddled and ready to ride. New student & beginner lessons include tack-up instruction as part of the lesson. Group lessons for intermediate - advanced riders are expected to tack up on their own and are ready to mount at the scheduled lesson time. Parents may assist with tacking up but must wear closed toe footwear. 

How do the monthly packages work? – Heavily discounted packages of 4 or 8 lessons are available for our clients riding regularly, thus these packages must be used within 30 days. Unused lessons will be forfeited. If you are unable to commit to regular weekly lessons, you may purchase lessons “a la carte”, at new student rate. Siblings or parent/child pairs are permitted to share a lesson package if riding as a group.

Can I share a package between my two children? – Yes, you may share a package between immediate family members only. For example, two siblings or a parent/child may share a package for group lessons. 

What if it’s raining during my lesson? – Cancellations due to bad weather will be made by the instructor via text or call. You will never be charged for lessons cancelled due to bad weather and can reschedule. In certain situations (ie: extended periods of bad weather) lesson package expiration dates may be extended to allow time for makeup lessons. Avanti Sporthorses cancels lessons related to weather for the following conditions:

-Temperatures below 30 degrees

-Temperatures above 100 degrees

-High winds (determined by instructor)

-Heavy rain and/or lightning

-Arena too saturated by rain (determined by instructor)

We will give as much notice as possible when weather forces a cancellation. In some cases when weather pops up unexpectedly right before or during a lesson, an in-barn horsemanship/ horse care lesson will be offered instead. Topics may include equine first aid, bandaging, show braiding, and more!

What if I need to reschedule? – We enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations received before the 24 hour mark will have the opportunity to reschedule with no penalties. Cancellations without 24 hours notice will be charged the full lesson rate. If you have an emergency and need to push back your lesson to later in the day or to the following day, we will try to accommodate your request IF the schedule allows. This is not guaranteed, but we will be flexible if/when possible.  

What if I am running late? – Please try to be on time! Lessons start and end at the time scheduled. Please notify your instructor if you will be late. 

Can I bring a friend to watch me ride? – Yes, however, for safety reasons spectators are not allowed in the barn and must stay in the designated viewing area. Only parents wearing proper footwear are permitted to accompany their child to the barn area. If your friend wishes to ride, they will need to book a separate lesson at a later date.

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